Recommended Equipment

  • Raspberry Pi Zero or 3 – The Zero only costs £8 with all the adaptors, it’s a fully-fledged computer and will do everything this bot suggests but it’ll probably only run one program well at once. The 3 costs £32 and is more powerful.
  • Wifi dongle if using a Zero – we don’t rate the official dongle but have been happy with this Edimax dongle. The Pi 3 has wifi installed and more USB ports.
  • Micro SD card – this one will help you through setting up the operating system.
  • Keyboard, mouse, USB hub and power supply – you can get these cheaply in places like Wilko if you haven’t got them already. The power supply is just a micro USB wire as used with an Android phone.
  • Monitor – get a second-hand one on eBay if you don’t have one already. Get HDMI if possible or find an adaptor on Amazon or in Wilko.
  • CamJam EduKits 1 and 2 – lots of parts to get you started.
  • Pi Camera and Sense HAT – these are less essential if you’re running out of budget but you can do some cool stuff with either or both of them.
  • Tablet – iPad, Android or Kindle Fire
  • Electro Dough Kit or assemble your own.

We have no affiliation with the shops listed here, they are just people we’ve bought from and been happy with.